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Lab2 - PHY 241 University Physics Experiment 2 Measure and...

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PHY 241 University Physics Experiment 2: Measure and Uncertainty Jacob Matson Performed: Jan. 12, 2006 Submitted: Jan. 19, 2006 Objective: To become familiarized with the micrometer and the vernier
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calipers and their use and to use differential error analysis to estimate uncertainty of measurements. Apparatus: 1 Micrometer 1 Vernier Caliper 1 Meter Stick 1 Electronic Scale 1 Brass Cylinder 1 Aluminum Cylinder Theory: The purpose of experimental science is to take measurements of a variety of different data. The measurement of length is one of the most common and fundamental measurements for scientists. Nearly everything known to man has been measured at some point. In the lab, the three most common tools for measurement are the meter stick, the vernier caliper, and the micrometer. The decision of which to use depends on the maximum uncertainty the observer is willing to accept. Uncertainty is partially determined by least count. Procedure and Data: 1.
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