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Lab3 - PHY 241 University Physics Experiment 3 The...

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PHY 241 University Physics Experiment 3: The Acceleration of Gravity: Free Fall Jacob Matson Lab Partner: Chip Pitkin Performed: Jan. 19, 2006 Submitted: Jan. 26, 2006
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Objective: To determine the acceleration of gravity of a free falling object using the principles of kinematics Apparatus: 1 Free Fall stand 1 roll of thermal paper 1 spark timer 1 Variable voltage power supply (for electromagnet) 1 Vernier Caliper Theory: The shuttle is dropped down the free fall support stand and marks on the thermal paper at a rate of 60 Hz. Basic physics principles are applied to these marks to estimate the acceleration of the shuttle due to gravity. Procedure and Data: 1. Place a fresh strip of thermal tape in the free fall stand. 2. Place the shuttle against the electromagnet at the top of the stand and increase the power supply voltage until there is sufficient magnetic force to hold the shuttle in place. 3. Connect the spark timer to the spark wires making sure the high voltage is connected to the wire furthest from the stand frame. Also
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