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XCBorderline - Jacob Matson PSY 103 Extra Credit Talk...

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Jacob Matson PSY 103 - Extra Credit Talk Psychology is perhaps the most interesting subject someone comes in contact with in everyday life. It questions why and how things work in the brain, both of which are very difficult and complex things to understand. More importantly, psychology allows for people to understand their underlying motivations and emotions. The psychological field of psycho-analysis is particularly interesting. Dr. Strawn began by reading a case study of a female patient that he had. She came to him because she was so depressed that she was unable to concentrate on school work, friends, or anything that would bring her out of the depression. She constantly threatened suicide, and although never making good on her threats, she often cut herself to help relieve the pain that she felt inside. She told Dr. Strawn that she felt empty inside, that everyone hated her; of course, she loved Dr. Strawn, at least for the time being. She was a classic borderline in nearly everyway. She would idealize her psychologist, then
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