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Five Classes of Psychoactive or Psychotropic drugs (please excuse imperfect outline; it is condensed from larger outline) I. Behavior: Stimulants A. Cocaine-block reuptake of NE and DA 1. NE and DA agonist B. Amphetamine-facilitate release of NE and DA 1. NE and DA agonist C. Anti-depressants 1. Serotonin reuptake blockers a. 5-HT (serotonin) agonist b. Prozac (Lilly); Loloft (Pfizer) II. Behavior: Depressants A. Alcohol-facilitates the binding of GABA 1. GABA agonist B. Anxiolytics or Antianxiety Agents 1. GABA agonist 2. Make GABA receptors more sensitive to GABA
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Unformatted text preview: III. Abnormal Behavior: Hallucinogens or Psychedelics A. LSD-mimick the effects of 5-HT 1. 5-HT agonist IV. Abnormal Behavior: Antipsychotics A. Neuroleptics (antischizophrenics)-block but do not activate dopaminergic receptors 1. DA antagonists 2. Thorazine B. Lithium 1. For bipolar (also called manic-depressive) disorder 2. probably 5-HT and NE antogonist 3. Lethal dose is close to therapeutic dose V. Preception of Pain A. Morphine-mimics endorphin 1. endorphin agonist...
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