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HW 4 Solutions (Page 4)

HW 4 Solutions (Page 4) - c No The objective function value...

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Unformatted text preview: c) No. The objective function value is maximized by sliding the objective function line to the right. This can be done forever. so there is no optimal solution. d) No, solutions exist that will make the profit arbitrarily large. This usually occurs when a constraint is left out of the model. aha-Fig.4. 5- 2- I‘M-Kb Lph'cfl" “tum H25 all glaucni‘s negative The; E is ode-waded- .I no F) Contribution Per Unit at Each Activity Activity 1 Activit Constraint Unit Profit Solution The Solver message was that the Set Cell values do not converge. There is no I g optimal solution. because a better solution can always be found. ...
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