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Research Paper Handout

Research Paper Handout - Information to aid students in...

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Information to aid students in writing the research report Report Format 50 points, 17% of the overall grade due on 12/04/07 Short, 3 page typewritten (double-spaced) report on an aspect of Human Genetics that interests you. Some example categories to investigate include: Genetics and Cancer Report focused on specific mutation(s) associated with certain cancer(s) Inherited Metabolic Disorders Metabolism and disease: describe the disorder associated with a particular metabolic disease. Include the gene involved, the role of its protein product and how its disruption results in the disease. Genetic Testing Report could be on the history and societal ramifications of past testing, legislation concerning genetic testing, methods used, counseling involved, or specific disorders tested for. Identification and Forensics Investigating the methods used in the comparison of human DNA sequences for the purposes of identification of an individual or for testing evidence from a crime scene. This is not an exhaustive list. It is simply meant to give you an idea of the level of material you should be writing about. Whatever subject you choose, you must present to me your idea for the paper by 10/16/07. You should send it to me via email ( [email protected] ). Include “Paper Topic” in the subject heading for the email. Your reports must include a minimum of 3 references from reputable sources. These include scientific, peer-reviewed journals and/or reputable web pages such as those for NIH, FDA, CDC, other. If you are unsure about the use of a particular source, ask me.
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format/content The paper text should not exceed 3 typewritten pages, double-spaced. It is acceptable to have your reference list on a separate, fourth page (as well as any figures/tables you may choose to include). You should begin with a paragraph (or two) introducing the reader to the subject. In the remainder of the paper you should focus in on a specific aspect of the field being reported on.
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