Homework#4 - BME/BIOL 80H Homework 4 25 points due 11/29...

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BME/BIOL 80H name ________________________ Homework 4 25 points due 11/29 Go to the UCSC genome Browser by going to http://genome.ucsc.edu/ click on "Genome Browser" on the sidebar. See that the "Vertebrate" clade, "Human" genome and "Mar. 2006" settings are chosen. In the "position or search term" box, type in "HexA" and hit submit Click on the link for the “hexosaminidase A preproprotein” under “UCSC Genes” Displays concerning the organization of the HexA gene appear in a box. Just above the large box, a cytological map of the chromosome is shown (in a smaller box). 1. What is the cytogenetic map position for the HexA gene? This is written within the box just ahead of the drawing of the chromosome. (be sure to include chromosome number, arm, region and band, don’t just give the range of numbers in the position/search box) Within the larger box, note the first 4 lines under the “UCSC Gene Predictions Based on….” heading (in blue/purple). The third line down is labeled “HexA” and should be highlighted and in black (as opposed to the blue lines on either side of it). This line represents the version of the gene that corresponds with the link you hit to reach the page. Click on this line. Read the information that appears and answer the following questions. 2. HexA encodes a subunit of an enzyme that, within the lysosomes of cells, works together
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Homework#4 - BME/BIOL 80H Homework 4 25 points due 11/29...

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