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Cailin Johnson-Smart The Holocaust Andrea Wang Section C May 1 st , 2007 Essay B #2 Aaron Appelfeld’s imagery of the fish in the aquarium in his novel Badenheim 1939 represents Jews first going into the ghetto’s that were set up by the Nazi’s. The narrator of Badenheim 1938 uses simple language and gives no moral summary at the end of each narration. The narrator leaves open-ended scenes for the readers to fill in the blanks. Appelfeld is speaking through the narrator and even through conversations of some of the characters; Appelfeld demonstrates verbal irony which parallels to Primo Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz . “Kat . . . looked at the illuminated aquarium. The headwaiter approached and told him about the terrible catastrophe that had taken place in the aquarium the year before. A nature lover had brought some blue Cambium fishes and persuaded the hotel owner to put them in with the other fish. The hotel owner was a little apprehensive about these blue fish, but in the end he agreed. For the first few days the blue Cambium fish disported themselves gaily in the water, but one night they suddenly fell on the other fish, and massacred them horribly. In the morning the floor of the aquarium was full of corpses. ‘And are these the descendants of the murderers?’ asked Karl. ‘No. The hotel owner sentenced the murderers to death’” (Appelfeld 51). My take on this scene is that the aquarium represents the ghettos that are slowly being established in the cities. In 1939, the numbers of deaths in the concentration camps have not even begun to take escalate. This scene also foreshadows what will happen to the city when the
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Essay B Midterm - Cailin Johnson-Smart The Holocaust Andrea...

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