Essay II - Smart and Ortega Cailin Johnson-Smart Vanessa...

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Smart and Ortega Cailin Johnson-Smart Vanessa Ortega The Holocaust Final Exam Essay II Andrea Wang Section C Dora Sorell and Anna Ornstein both must live their lives being tattooed and reminded how their identities were taken from them and replaced by a number among millions of others. Although Ornstein’s tattoo meant that she was to live, and Sorell’s tattoo represented that she had no meaning to life and that she was only a number to the Nazi’s. Millions of Jews had a similar tattoo and each had their own meaning. Ornstein’s excerpt from The Haggadah of Anna Ornstein can also be defined as a literary document because she presents facts and the reality of the process on who will live and who does not based on whether or not they receive a tattoo with a number on it. The Haggadah of Anna Ornstein is an account representative of the historical situation of Ornstein’s life. Because she witnessed the events that took place, it gives the text a deeper meaning and more insight to the surroundings and what she felt like when it happened. Ornstein describes the feeling when she received the tattoo as a good and happy one. To her, “we had received them as if they were ‘passports’ to life” (Ornstein). Because she had a number, the major significance was that she had a file and therefore proof of existence to the Nazi’s. Even if they stripped her of her identity as a person, she was still down on paper and therefore could not be put to death and have no documentation of her existence. Dora Sorell had a different experience and feeling when she was given the tattoo. She lectured the Holocaust class and showed us the number that is engraved to her arm that she must look at every day. She lost her parents to the Holocaust and was separated from her brothers for years. She
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Essay II - Smart and Ortega Cailin Johnson-Smart Vanessa...

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