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Exam 2 Review Questions (page 2)

Exam 2 Review Questions (page 2) - lME326 Engineering Test...

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Unformatted text preview: lME326 Engineering Test Design and Analysis 4. An experiment was conducted to determine the effect of soil applications of various levels of phosphorus on the inorganic phosphorus levels in a particuiar plant. The data in the table represent the levels of inorganic phosphorus in micromoles per gram dry weight of sudan rass roots rown in the greenhouse for 28 days, in the absence of zinc. Phos horns Applied, x Phosphorus in Plant, 2 204 l95 247 245 I 159 | 1H 0.25 micromoles 95 144 128 192 84 71 l a. Plot the data. Do the data appear to exhibit a linear relationship? b. Find the least-square line relating the plant phosphorus level y to the amount phosphorus applied to the soil x. 0.5 micromoles 0.10 micromoles Use part of MINITAB printout (will be provided in the PowerPoint slide) to answer the following questions: c. Do the data provide sufficient evidence to indicate that the amount of phosphorus present in the plant is linearly related to the amount of phosphorus applied to the soil? l s C, J?r d. Write down the regression equation. II Jr 1: n, H ’j Y: $50.4?E-IP7Q3; K ' e. Fill the ANOVA Table Analysis of Variance Source df SS MS F P _ Regression ' 1 5" 5455 23953 t 3.07 .ecl / Residual Error '0 ' 5 l 5 153-43 Total H 39201 ( ._ 1_ 2'9"“: . [FE—E ,r _ 3m“ .6.” f. What is the best estimate of 02, the variation of the random error, 5'? 0' L g E : 1‘1 S E Milt. = 1324.5 -- g. What is the coefficient of correlation?.-_ P : {Tr—L . 7 $9” 11. Find a 99% confidence interval for the slope of the regression line. tii%,mt 9E 2.7agztf.w,w- (:35! Pagezofz ...
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