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Unformatted text preview: Sandy Montoya February 20, 2008 Section 1 Ren Descartes Discourse on Method Ren Descartes' writing did not really reflect the medieval tradition too much in which he was educated. He was sent to La Fleche, one of the finest colleges during that time, where he was educated by Jesuits. During his education, he was taught Aristotle's philosophy and his scientific ideas, but Descartes found Aristotle's ideas to be unsatisfying. After a while, Descartes started coming up with his own scientific ideas, but he could still not free himself of some of Aristotle's views. Descartes believed he was free of being able to question the existence of God and the truth about the Catholic faith, but at the same time he respected the Jesuits that had given him his education so he did not want to offend them. Towards the end, he started doubting a lot of things and because he was able to doubt, he came up with the conclusion, "I am thinking, therefore I exist." That statement was the foundation of which he would start from. Descartes reflected a new, scientific world view. He did not want to believe everything he had been taught at school from Aristotle and wanted to come up with something new. Something Descartes had been thinking about was, laws are better when they come from a single mind than when they evolve over time. This would suggest to him that a person is best served by following the guidance of his reason alone, and not letting his judgments be obscured by the opinions of others. This idea was more for the individual than for a group. Descartes would have scientific research and had written about new scientific theories in a different book called The World, but had decided not to publish it because of things occurring with Galileo. At that time, Descartes just wanted to continue with his research for the future rather than be part of any controversies. ...
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