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Quiz 3 (Page 2) - [ME326 Engineering Test Design and...

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Unformatted text preview: [ME326 Engineering Test Design and Analysis f the following is an example of a null hypothesis? is industrial process makes Windshields with an average length of 33 inches The average quantity of detergent put into a box by this filling machine is not 1 pound c. This shipping company’s average delivery time is different from 3 days (:1. The thickness of alumintu'n sheets averages is not .03 inches, as required 6. Whic 7. To investigate a possible “built-in” sex bias in a graduate school entrance examination, 50 male and 50 female graduate students who were rated as above-average graduate students by their professors were selected to participate in the study by actually taking this test. Their test results on this examination are summarized in the following table. Illlllflfldallfiaflflal lillfllflflllllfififlll til-— 11 50 50 Do these data indicate that males will, on the average, some higher than females of the same ability on this exam? Write down null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, and find the p-value associated with this test. Use (1:.05 H0 1 0m avsmge,ml.5 gain? “it? amué‘ "5 fffi-‘IIP‘v \/ H4 : 6n nbtvm‘jc, main.) fill-C #:7th {L‘W {Emak‘g _ a. ” .2 7” e —- we“! / air). analogy So go We flme amenombflm” to (Iain fl~+ wales 9“"? ‘l-‘wln “h" Jamar-.1 “1 “WW" I 8. Random 5 ples of 100 units from production line 1 and 50 units from production line—El '— 2 0 revealed 1.6mnits with flaws from production line{_1j;and{§ units with flaws from line 2. Do these data present sufficient evidence to suggest that there is a significant difference in the number of units with flaws produced by these two production lines? Write down null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, and find the p-value for the test. Use o.=.05 l‘la: m» Mont-9‘3, Fuel-«159th lie .1 PWJurRS‘f“? 4,:ch emu-1w a; I’m” '3 P”"‘l‘*“'"‘ lac P“ H". 09. aygpngf rWngl‘J-u " )- prnvluim; male {rows film" f“""r""r'h‘ ("“9 2‘- Z‘ L P: 2:5: - ‘ I ’1.+hL' tPllz‘i) : ,UG flulé _ 2 1 6X {l[)(.g€1)[,o).) ‘ Y5"): Tame '75 3“?“ fb-Ieirfiwf' {L (ll-“arr,“ 4 fit“! PL 1 Purim”, W519 [{omg {5‘4” PL—j X Pagefl of2 ,l————————————~——————_—__—_— ...
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