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The following excerpt is from the novelLucy, by Caribbean-American author Jamaica Kincaid, published in 1990. In this passage, the narrator describes the beginning of a new phase in her life. Read the passage carefully. Then, in a well written essay, analyze how Kincaid uses literary elements and techniques to portray the complexity of the narrator’s new situation. In your response you should do the following: • Respond to the prompt with a thesis that presents a defensible interpretation. • Select and use evidence to support your line of reasoning. • Explain how the evidence supports your line of reasoning. • Use appropriate grammar and punctuation in communicating your argument. Some tips to tackle any passage analysis! 1.Underline key things to consider in the prompt. 2.Outline in bullet form where you’re going to address each item called for in the prompt — figure out a specific order. 3.Devise a clear thesis that explains how the author employs a specific pattern/strategy to communicate meaning. 4.Include the author’s name and title of the prose selection in your introduction. Refer to characters by name. 5.Include lots of quotes — words and phrases — to illustrate the elements called for in your argument. 6.Fully explain or discuss how your examples support your thesis. A comprehensive and focused explanation of fewer elements is better than a shallow discussion of many.
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