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CS 1323 Project 1 (Derived from Dr. Trytten’s Sp07) Page 1 8/16/2007 Project 1 CS 1323, Fall 2007 1.0 Objectives 1. Install the Java SDK. 2. Set the environment variables. 3. Install DrJava or another Integrated Development Environment (IDE). 4. Install the standard Java documentation. 5. Type in a first computer program. 6. Compile a first program without errors. 7. Execute a first program successfully. Before you leave lab on Tuesday, have your TA check the installation of the documentation, the IDE, and the execution of your program. If you do not attend lab on Tuesday, this demonstration can be done before the project deadline during the TA’s office hours. If this isn’t possible, email your TA and make an appointment before the project due date. These installation instructions should work well for Windows XP and Windows 2000 users. If you’re using a Macintosh, the files for installation are included on the CD under a directory called for Macs. Mac users do not need to set the environment variables, since this is done automatically. The Instructor or the TAs will help users of other systems complete their software installation. 2.0 Install Software In order to run a first Java program, there are a number of software installation steps which must be performed. Configuring software is not always an easy task, and troubleshooting a Java setup can require some expertise. If you have an old version of Java or DrJava installed on your computer, please uninstall them before beginning this installation. To remove software go to Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs. It is best to perform this installation exactly in the order specified, particularly if you’re not very comfortable installing software. 2.1 Install the Java SDK 5.0 The first step is to install the Java Software Development Kit (version 12): 1. Place the CD-ROM in your drive. 2. If the CD-ROM doesn’t open automatically, under the Start menu, select Run and select Browse and examine the contents of the CD-ROM. 3. Select jdk-1_5_0_12-windows-i586-p.exe. 4. An InstallShield wizard will be displayed on your screen. Follow through with the default choices in the wizard. If you must change the installation directory
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CS 1323 Project 1 (Derived from Dr. Trytten’s Sp07) Page 2 8/16/2007 (and I do not recommend doing this), be sure that you write down where you installed the software. 5.
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Project_1_Fa07 - Project 1 CS 1323, Fall 2007 1.0...

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