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Reading Response Journal

Reading Response Journal - Voices of Diversity INTRODUCTORY...

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English 3, Sec. 30 Dr. P. Gilmore RRJ #1 October 4, 2007 Hacker, “Composing and Revising” According to Hacker, writing is a process to figure out what one thinks. Therefore, one must handle writing in stages. To begin planning, one should assess the writing situation and the assignment requirements. Then, one can experiment with various methods to explore the subject. From the subject, the writer then formulates a tentative thesis. Thus, the writer can sketch a plan and formulate it into a formal outline. After planning, one will write a draft focusing on ideas and organization instead of sentence structure and word choice. Then the writer should revise the draft by focusing on global matters before sentence-level matters.
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Unformatted text preview: Voices of Diversity: INTRODUCTORY MATERIALS This course will explore three fundamental questions: Does life have a meaning and a purpose? What makes a good life? How can the differing traditions respect and get along with each other? To explore these questions, we will read various texts from each tradition attempting to answer them. Each tradition is diverse in itself, so none of the texts can represent the traditions. However, this is not a course in religion, and we must not be caught up in religious chauvinism. Instead, we will respect each tradition and its hard-earned insights and engage in thoughtful, inquisitive discussions in our quest for understanding and peace in our challenging world....
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