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intro to cs outline - Intro to Scientific Computing OUTLINE...

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Intro to Scientific Computing OUTLINE Author Kaplan Chapter 1 1.1 Computation as Transformation - Computers are information tools. - Information Tool – a tool that allows us to change the configuration of information. - A computation is a transformation from one or more inputs to an output. - Input and output are information in some form. - y(input) = √x(output) is an example of a computation. - Computerized speech recognition is within the range of today’s technology. 1.2 Computation as Reaction to Events - The definition of a computation as a transformation from inputs to outputs ignores the issue of where the inputs come from (inputs usually come from measurements). - Measurements are performed using sensors of transducers (“across” and “carried”). IE: A speedometer transduces vehicle speed into the position of a pointer. - Measurements are often used to monitor a situation and respond appropriately to events. - Earliest uses of computers aircraft control – scores of measurements are made simultaneously by radar. This system needs to react to changes in its environment and perform the computation to produce the appropriate output (change attitude). - State of a system is important. IE: Air Traffic Control State=measured and desired positions and altitudes, headings, destinations, etc. -
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intro to cs outline - Intro to Scientific Computing OUTLINE...

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