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LIN228 H1F Phonetics Assignment 3 ANSWER KEY Determine the frequency (Hz) and amplitude of the 3 sine waves show in the file attached. Write only the number in the blanks below. Frequency of Wave A: 150 Hz Amplitude of Wave A: 1.25 Frequency of Wave B: 450 Hz Amplitude of Wave B: 0.75 Frequency of Wave C: 250 Hz Amplitude of Wave C: 2 LIN228H1F-Assignment3-Waveforms.pdf Consult your textbook pages 146-147. Determine the frequency of the waves depicted on those pages. Note that the scale is in milliseconds (1 sec. = 1000 ms). If relevant, round your answers to the nearest whole number. Frequency of sine Wave A in Figure 7.16: 125Hz Frequency of sine Wave B in Figure 7.16: 167Hz Frequency of complex wave in Figure 7.17: 143Hz If a wave has a frequency of 625 Hz, then each cycle lasts 0.0016 seconds. Consider the spectrum pictured in the attached file. What are the approximate intensity and
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