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Ryan Glines 9/21/06 The main factor that sticks out when asking what has influenced my families life, from grandparents to myself, would have to be financial security. When my mom was growing up her father worked two jobs to help support her family, they all lived in a two story apartment, all of the girls sharing one room, and my uncle getting his own room. But while my grandpa worked, my grandma cooked, and from what I hear she always had my mom trying out new foods. She was a very healthy young girl, and that has carried on with her, because today she makes my brother and I eat very well rounded meals. But there’s also a bad factor that has been passed down from my father to my brother and that is depression. It didn’t start to become totally apparent to me that my dad had it until I was about 16, and for my brother around 17. It was very strange at first, realizing that both had this terrible problem, and how they were always down in the dumps a lot. My mother is an interior decorator, so her main source of exercise is
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