final 3 - Ryan Glines 11/20/06 English 102 Mr. B Sports...

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Ryan Glines Glines 1 11/20/06 English 102 Mr. B Sports Agents Sports agents have flourished over the past few years with the new rules of higher salary caps and richer team owners. More and more athletes are making a very large amount of money. In baseball, the average salary is around 1.2 million dollars. The reason for this is not only because of how well the players are doing; sports agents have become so cutthroat that they are able to create such large contracts. And when the athletes are making a lot of money, then their agent is going to be making a lot of money. “A sports agent is a person who procures and negotiates employment and endorsement deals for an athlete. In turn the agent receives a commission that is usually between five and ten percent of the contract.”( The profession of sports agents is a major factor in sports today because of how important they are to athlete’s careers. Athletes today have become more and more talented at the sports that they have been gifted enough to play. More and more home runs are being hit, more dunks are being thrown down, and more touchdowns are being thrown. With all of these stats becoming greater and greater, athletes have become highly coveted, and more money is being spent to bring them to teams across the country. But athletes aren’t all the brightest bulbs on the tree, so that’s where sports agents come into play. Sports agents usually work out of a much larger company, but some work on their own and have limited clientele. When an athlete enters the professional ranks, or is having a
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feud with the agent that he/she already has, then they go hunting at the top agencies for someone new to represent them. Most of the time athletes will stick with the agent that
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final 3 - Ryan Glines 11/20/06 English 102 Mr. B Sports...

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