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NOT LIKE US-Book Review - Carlos Rodriguez Prof....

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Carlos Rodriguez Prof. Grob-Fitzgibbon History 135A 3/6/07 Book Review In his lengthy non-fictional work Not Like Us , Richard Pells takes the reader on a journey that explores the development and reasoning behind the changing attitudes held by Americans and Europeans on one another, as well as the cultural differences and similarities that intertwine the fate of these trans-Atlantic counterparts. Pells’ delineates WWII as the ideological changing point for Europeans’ view on America: going from a dismissive attitude of what they saw as a relatively insignificant and unsophisticated culture to an ultra critical inspection of this powerful, commercially materialistic, and globally imposing nation. While reading this work, one can only compare this troubled relationship as that of a little brother (America) and a much older brother (Europe). America tries to match, hold its own, and ultimately out compete its much older and fundamentally different brother who continues to tell the younger brother that even though he might be quicker and faster, he does not have the mental capacity to
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NOT LIKE US-Book Review - Carlos Rodriguez Prof....

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