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Reading Assignment 1

Reading Assignment 1 - Kassie Ferraro SOCY 2031-003 Social...

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Kassie Ferraro SOCY 2031-003 Social Problems Allison Hicks Reading Assignment #1 Introduction 1. Ehrenreich says that her experience represents a “best case scenario” because she is educated, it is a temporary situation, she is white, she is an English speaker, she has a car, she has no children, and she is in good health. Most low-wage workers have to take public transportation, they have children, and it is usually not a temporary situation. Chapter one 1. Ehrenreich finds it is not reliable source. She found that most big hotels just constantly run ads because of their high turn over rate, so they always have applicants available to replace current workers. She finds it is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. 2. The managers show the employees little enthusiasm. The managers are there to monitor the employees and make sure the money is being made. If they catch you sit or not doing something, they give you a worse job to keep you busy. The topics of the meeting are problems the corporate manager finds
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