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Prof. J’s Tips to Doing Well at (Dickinson) College 1. Show up on time (but better late than never) ready to learn; head up, pen out, notebook ready missed classes are your nightmare; they can be addictive good friends don’t let friends cut class always apologized for missing class and make up the work 2. Be open minded – you are here to learn, not to reaffirm your beliefs be curious; go the extra mile when you encounter things you don’t understand liberal ( free from restraint ) arts intelligence ( to choose from among ) surrender and rebuild 3. Be entrepreneurial – make a prepared appointment
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Unformatted text preview: • if a professor is doing something that fascinates you • if you miss class or don’t understand what you heard • if you want to know more about something (e.g., semester in Washington, going aboard) 4. Be entrepreneurial – do not be satisfied with “good enough” • practice more; rewrite more; proofread more; use writing center • participate in class, ask probing questions (not to show off or hear yourself talk) • do more than expected by the prof., do more than your share on the team • effort trumps native intellect in the long race (of college and life)...
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