Dreyer Chapter 4

Dreyer Chapter 4 - Stalin’s role in China Li Lisan...

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Key Issues, Dreyer Chapter 4 Dreyer maintains that Marx “promised immediate results.” Is this true, or did someone else suggest a speedier time-frame for political change? How does the fact that Mao “read bandit novels” confirm Schwartz’s conception of “political order” in China? Why would Mao be considered that China was a nation of “weaklings”? What danger was there is the quickness by which many Chinese intellectuals converted to Marxism? Why was stress placed on the organization of trade unions? Chen Duxiu Li Dazhao 1921 Green Gang/White Terror
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Unformatted text preview: Stalin’s role in China Li Lisan Guerilla warfare Jiangxi Soviet “radish communist” Manchukuo How did some landlord support of the Nationalists contribute to the beginning of the Long March? What was the role of warlords? Travails of the Long March The Xian Incident (1936) What methods did the CCP use to mobilize peasants for the cause? “Rectification” “Mass Line” What was US policy toward the outbreak of the Civil War in China (1945-1949)? What factors contributed to the demise of the Nationalists?...
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Dreyer Chapter 4 - Stalin’s role in China Li Lisan...

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