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Pol 101.02 Exam #1 Name………………………………… MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. You have 90 minutes to complete the exam. 1) The UN Economic and Social Council A) includes representatives from each UN member state. B) deals with global topics such as narcotics trafficking and the status of women. C) studies how UN programs work together in a particular region. D) reports to the Secretariat on matters of international security. E) B and C 2) The fact that gold can be turned into tanks more easily than tanks can be turned into gold means that A) gold is a long-term element of power and tanks are a short-term element of power. B) gold is more important in the short term than tanks. C) gold is more fungible than tanks. D) being wealthy can be more of an influence on the outcome of a battle than can the number of tanks. E) gold is a short-term element of power and tanks are a long-term element of power. 3) Marxist approaches to IR hold that both IR and domestic politics arise from unequal relationships between A) economic classes. B) governmental agencies. C) elites. D) power brokers. E) none of the above. 4) Which of the following is not an aspect of the structure of a group's decision-making process that can affect the outcome? A) control of decision rules B) control of the agenda C) meeting time D) informal consultations E) None of the above can affect the outcome. 5) Which of the following is true about rationality? A) It is difficult to accurately estimate the costs of an action. B) It is easy to calculate intangible political benefits against the tangible costs of a war. C) It is easy to determine the national interest. D) States arrive at decisions through their strongest leader. E) All of the above 1
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6) The body of the United Nations that has the primary responsibility for international peace and security is the A) Bureau of International Peace and Security (BIPS). B) Trusteeship Council. C) Security Council. D) Secretariat. E) General Assembly. 7) Ideology A) has a weaker hold on core values and absolute truth than religions do. B) intensifies conflicts between states more than it causes them. C) helps to mobilize national populations to support a state in its international dealings. D) tends to decline in importance after a revolution, replaced by national interests. E) all of the above 8) Neoliberals A) stress the importance of international institutions in reducing conflict in the international system. B) are pessimistic about international cooperation. C) agree with realists that states are unitary actors. D) view reciprocity as an ineffective strategy for achieving cooperation. E) A and C
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questionpool - Pol 101.02 Exam #1 Name. MULTIPLE CHOICE....

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