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study guide exam 2 - Lecture 8: Union 1. Polygamy A....

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1. Polygamy A. Polyandry – Female Infanticide B. Polygyny - Mating Strategies and Male Infanticide 2. Future Behavior of Sexual Behavior - Compare and contrast two species’ sexual behavior. Their sexual behavior evolved from their feeding ecology. A. Chimpanzee Sexual behavior – Based on a patriarchal society with alpha male dominance – violent sexual behavior. When females would arrive at the feeding ground, they would find that all the fruit had already been consumed. Therefore, to find enough food, the females had to search for it on their own in other areas. This continuing demand to search for food prevented the females from interacting with each other and in the formation of any tight female to female bonds. B. Bonobo Sexual Behavior – Based on a matriarchal society with female dominance – peaceful sexual behavior. Female bonobos feed together on the abundant plants on the ground and because of this interaction, form strong bonds with each other. The result is an alliance of the female bonobos, which is then used to dominate the males. This lifestyle reduces male aggression and hostility. Lecture 9: Population 1. Reason for the Increase of life expectancy? A. Scientific Revolution B. Immunization C. Sanitation D. Antibiotics 2. Fertility Rates A. Replacement rate B. Inverse correlation between fertility and standard of living
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study guide exam 2 - Lecture 8: Union 1. Polygamy A....

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