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SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY March 18, 2008 Social psych – how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are affected by others We tend to make snap judgments based on superficial characteristics (primacy effect) After first impressions we tend to only pay attention to things to confirm it or ignore things that  don’t Two kinds of attributions: o Dispositional = personal, internal (failed test because you didn’t study) o Situational = environmental, external (failed test because material was too hard) Biases: o Actor-observer effect = situational for self; dispositional for others o Self-serving = take credit for success; but blame other for failure
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Unformatted text preview: Attraction: o Proximity = geographic closeness o Mere-exposure = how often you meet him o Reciprocity = liking things who like us o Similarity = associate with other with whom you share characteristics o Physically attractive = good looking o Halo effect = one good quality must mean the person has others o The matching hypothesis says we become romantically involved with equivalent others o Worldwide, people seek mates who are dependable, mature, have nice personalities, and who like them Gender differences in mate selection: o Males seek youth, health, and novelty o Females seek resources and shared parental investment...
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