clicker questions exam 3

clicker questions exam 3 - folic acid by UV light 14 In...

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1. Our entire body of touch is mapped in the somatosensory cortex located in the  parietal  lobe. 2. The part of the brain that controls hallucinations is the  thalamus. 3. Psilocin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, it is known as an  antagonist  of  serotonin. 4. Delusion is the clinical hallmark of  schizophrenia. 5. Mirror neurons are important in  empathy. 6. Eusociality is found in the  meerkats. 7. Honeybees add over 100,000 neurons to their brain in preparation for  foraging. 8. Intelligence is essential for  eusocial cooperation. 9. Bill’s ability to plan, organize and execute was affected by his  frontal lobe  stroke. 10. Lobotomy is a procedure that disconnects the  frontal lobe/thalamus  from the rest. 11. Mutation of CCR5Δ32 arose during  black death. 12. To be healthy and protected against Malaria, an individual must be  heterozygous. 13. Dark skin color prevents the destruction of 
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Unformatted text preview: folic acid by UV light. 14. In regions of low UV light, people with light skin are more likely to suffer from rickets. 15. Scientific racism includes which pseudoscience disciplines all of the above. 16. The human and chimps genomes differ by 1.5%. 17. The mirror test was used for determining self awareness. 18. The fossil Lucy provided the first evidence for bipedalism. 19. Tool making was first observed by homo habilis (handy man). 20. Homo sapiens is the only human species capable of language. 21. Phagocytosis is most effective in the defense against bacteria. 22. HLA is evolved for rejecting transplanted tissues. 23. Bacterial capsules are to defend against phagocytes. 24. First affective vaccine was against small pox. 25. Zoonosis is when infectious agents are transmitted between animals and humas....
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clicker questions exam 3 - folic acid by UV light 14 In...

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