test 2 - State-dependent & context-dependent learning...

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Chapter 5: Classical conditioning Pavlov’s experiments Higher-order conditioning Generalization vs. discrimination Operant conditioning Thorndike’s experiments Shaping Primary vs. secondary reinforcers Learned taste aversions Extinction (continuous vs. partial reinforcement) The reinforcement of “real life” Escape vs. avoidance learning Learned helplessness Cognitive maps Bandura’s “Bobo Doll” experiment Chapter 6: Processes of memory (3) Systems of memory (3) STM: Types of rehearsal Declarative vs. nondeclarative memory Ways to test memory
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Serial position effects Flashbulb memories Loftus’ view of memory Ebbinghaus’ research
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Unformatted text preview: State-dependent & context-dependent learning Bartlett’s view of memory Minimizing eyewitness errors The “DOOR” method Causes of forgetting Chapter 7: Types of problem solving Functional fixedness & mental set Archimedes & the King’s crown Intelligence testing in the US Wechsler’s IQ recalculation Validity vs. reliability Aptitude tests Bias in testing Mental retardation Twin & adoption research The Flynn effect Asian vs. American students 4 stages of creative problem-solving Divergent vs. convergent thinking Measuring creativity IQ scores (calculation & relation to parents) Giftedness Mainstreaming Galton’s, Jensen’s, & Flynn’s views on IQ Defining creativity Savant syndrome Relationship of school grades to intelligence Birth order & intelligence Correlations with high IQ...
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test 2 - State-dependent & context-dependent learning...

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