poli sci notes 10-28 - Adam Caplan Intl. Politics...

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Adam Caplan Intl. Politics Individual Preferences on Trade Economic Theory of preferences o Trade Theory (Hecksher-Ohlin) o Other theories (Ricardo-Viner) Facts o 1.) Most Americans “understand” the impact of trade on the economy o 2.) believe that trade generates job losses and wage pressures o 3.) individuals emphasize costs over benefits o 4.) questions without priming (no info on costs/benefits on trade), the average is opposed to trade o 5.) people are more supportive of trade when there is no reference to the US or reference to policy Benefits of trade o Point 1: people understand the benefits of trade o Point 2: but, little “understanding” of the benefits of unilateral reductions Labor Markets o Point 3: people think that trade is bad for the labor market Cost versus benefits o Point 4: mixed view on the overall impact on the economy o Point 5: views on trade protection are mixed Trade views o Point 6: very few people are “free traders” o Point 7: most people believe that government can control trade flows Investment and immigration o Point 8: similar views on immigration o Point 9: different views on investment What explains these patterns? o The industry of employment has little impact on trade perceptions (R-V model) o But income and education have a major impact o Gender and party affiliation have a modest impact More issues
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poli sci notes 10-28 - Adam Caplan Intl. Politics...

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