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Shariff Notes - -Hate speech/other issues How does google...

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Sharrif abdel kouddes P 188 Rebecca Mackinnon ** - Freedom from interference - Where governments don’t inervene - Freedom within the internet - To “connect outside borders” - We want the “other world” to be able to connect to us - Freedom of the internet - The final freedom (Hilary Clinton) o Freedom to connect o Governments should not prevent people from connecting to the internet, from websites or from each other*** - Freedom to connect Three lenses – might want to think about any internet freedom issue - Achieving both liberty and security - Constant tension on the internet - Liberty and security - Free expression and tolerence of civility same point - We want free expression - But how do we accept some notion - Some principles which accept tolerance and civility
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Unformatted text preview: -Hate speech/other issues How does google become default search engine for safari? Digitizing Exeter library…real benefit in going to a library and seeing books around the one youre looking for. .much different than specific results in a google searh To what extent can google control results e.g. taking down video with hate speech or limiting results of that video Hate speech is defined as attacking or demeaning a group based on race or religion*- Muslim brotherhood for example Blasphemy – individual Facebook acts the quickest (removing content that is seen as inflammatory) Twitter allows anonymous speech No hate speech policy specifically Comply with local law (if theres a local legal issue)...
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