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Shayne Woods Prof. Hayward 1/22/08 Bentham Assignment 1.) The greatest happiness principal (aka the principal of utility) is the total of the pleasure that someone derives from doing something minus the total of displeasure. This principal focuses on maximizing the happiness of the greatest number of people. 2.) Bentham would express the fact that though drugs (which make some folks happy) are readily available and loosely regulated in the South Bronx, the mere fact that this place, despite the residents’ complaints, was essentially a dumping ground for New York’s problems he would say that this community was not a utilitarian one overall.
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Unformatted text preview: 3.) It truly depends. In one sense utilitarianism is egalitarian because it is only concerned about maximizing a society’s total happiness and doesn’t care about race, economic background, etc. However, in another sense, utilitarianism is not egalitarian due to the fact that it favors individuals who have a greater capacity for pain or pleasure (i.e. if some are stoics while others are overly emotional, then utilitarianism values the interests of the latter group more than the former.)...
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