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Body Art Presentation - Body Art Presentation What is body...

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Body Art Presentation What is body art? - Any type of art that is made on, with, or consisting of the human body. - The most common forms of body art are piercings and tattoos. However, other forms include scarification, brandings, and body shaping Pain and Beauty - When pain is a part of the process, it makes the product of the process more personal and memorable (Some have even found the pain to be liberating.) - Pain is no doubt a part of the human experience. Art tries to capture the human experience. - It is not the act in and of itself, but rather what the act represents. Scarification - People’s bodies are cut with blades to leave deep, permanent scars. - The ceremony is a symbol to the village and the child undergoing the procedure that they are shedding their ignorance of hardship and pain and have started to grow into adults – a rite of passage that if avoided will leave the person without status in the tribe.
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