Flinn Write-up - short letter to be read to students before...

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Shayne Woods Prof. Flinn 11/14/07 Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial In this stirring documentary, a small town was nearly torn completely apart by the age-old religion versus science debate. Though intelligent design was argued by members of the school board not to be religion but rather science, teachers and some parents felt differently. They felt it was unconstitutional for the State to require the teaching of something that (though went by a different name) basically outlined the traditional Genesis story from the Judeo-Christian faith. It all started in Dover, Pennsylvania. At the local high school, freshman biology teachers asked for new textbooks that (as it was later found out) contained Darwin’s theory of evolution. When members of the school board decided that they did not want this version of the origin of the earth to be taught to students and instead favored a more “Christian” biology text, the town split. As a compromise, the school board drafted a
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Unformatted text preview: short letter to be read to students before they were to learn of evolution and ordered the intelligent design books along with the texts that offered evolution as the cause of all things. When the biology teachers met and decided not to read the letter to their students out of protest, tempers started to flair. Over night, the eyes and ears of the American nation turned towards Dover. When eleven parents had enough, they sought legal advice from the ACLU and Pepper Hamilton LLP and decided to sue the public school district for violating the First Amendment of the Constitution because it prohibits the Government from endorsing any one particular religious view. The plaintiff eventually won the verdict because it was determined that the validity of intelligent design could not be in any way undergo the traditional testing/scrutiny of the scientific method and that it was merely another form of creationism (a religious view)....
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Flinn Write-up - short letter to be read to students before...

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