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ENG 205 Research Paper - Brett Szabo Prostitution the...

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Brett Szabo Prostitution, the occupation that many say is the world’s oldest profession, has continued to be a problem in American society. Illegal prostitution has plagued America for decades. It is time that the American government stops harassing prostitutes and finally decriminalizes prostitution. Over one million people in the US have worked as prostitutes in the United States, or about 1% of American women, and they have been unnecessarily oppressed for too long (Bayswan). There are groups that have been leading the way for decriminalization. Being a prostitute is not degrading, it is empowering. Prostitution is not “deviant;” it is like any other profession where one pays for non- tangible enjoyment. The United States has already held off too long. If it is not legalized and regulated, it’s only going to get worse. The only reason why prostitution is illegal is due to the fact that the people in charge don’t like it. It’s not inherently wrong. There have been full task forces set up to find solutions, but there is only one: decriminalization. The research contained within this document will pertain mostly to women prostitutes. This is for the reason that prostitution is based on the culturally supported assumption that men enjoy, need, and desire sex more than women. Although this belief has little to do with the actual physiological responses to sex, what is accepted as social reality remains a powerful force in sexual relationships (Bullough and Bullough 36). According to Symanski, there are two kinds of prostitutes: those who work from need, and those who work from greed. The first are likely to be lower-class women, those in the second category have bought the myth of consumerism. What kind of women is cut out for this sort of job?
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Brett Szabo The foremost place one can begin when researching about the decriminalization of prostitution is to find out who becomes a prostitute. Although there are often social or personal reasons that make certain women likely candidates for prostitution, many simply discover that working in an illegal or immoral market makes good economic sense. Throughout history prostitution has provided a solution to the problem of economic hardship. Simply put, men are willing to pay more for sexual access than for almost all other forms of female labor (Symanski 3). For this reason, women can rest assured that there will always be a market out there for them to services. For many women, the only downside of this profession is the risk involved with the law. These women can have confidence that they are not alone out there; there are organizations that are in play to directly help prostitutes. COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) is a self proclaimed prostitutes’ rights organization that has been leading the front in the United States to decriminalize prostitution. Since its emergence in the early 1970s, the prostitutes’ rights movement has put forth vocal and persuasive leaders, while also gaining visibility in the mass media and
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ENG 205 Research Paper - Brett Szabo Prostitution the...

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