ART 100 Critique #1

ART 100 Critique #1 - Brett Szabo Art 100 Mrs McLain...

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Brett Szabo Art 100 Mrs. McLain, Professor Fall 2007 Due Date Critique #1 Analysis of Nighthawks by Edward Hopper
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Nighthawks , the famous oil on canvas painting by Edward Hopper, is the work of art I have chosen to write my first critique on. The painting depicts four people in a metropolitan corner diner late at night. The four people include an attendant, a man and a woman who look like a couple, and another man sitting alone. The painting looks as though the artist is standing outside the diner looking in. The inner-city street outside the diner is desolate. The diner has a glass window all the way around the visible exterior. The window is curved on the corner, rather than squared off. There is a sign on the roof of the diner. It advertises that Phillies cigars are only 5 cents. There is a store across the street from the diner. The display shelves of the store appear to be vacant, as if the store had gone out of business. The bar on the inside curves along with the window. It resembles an oak finish with a fresh coat of lacquer. The gold barstools are just visible through the lower portion of the window. Positioned on the counter of the bar, there is salt, pepper, napkins, coffee cups, and a glass cup. There are two coffee containers sitting on the bar up against the back wall of the diner. The man sitting alone is wearing
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ART 100 Critique #1 - Brett Szabo Art 100 Mrs McLain...

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