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Morgan Vilhauer 2/11/08 “Tlilli, Tlapalli/The Path of the Red and Black Ink.” Borderlands La Frontera Pp. 87-97 Entry #6 This writing focuses on the Chicana experience of writing and how this experience differs from that of Western culture. It discusses how Indians didn’t separate art from their daily lives like western cultures do, but instead incorporated it. Art is treated extremely differently in tribal cultures and the article highlights some of these differences. Art in tribal cultures is treated not as a dead piece, common in Western cultures, but as the essence of a human with the same common needs. Tribal art needs to be bathed, clothed and fed. It is not placed in galleries with appropriate lighting, guards, and insurance only to be viewed by upper class citizens; Instead, it is part of a ritual; it belongs in a sacred place and is incorporated with animal sacrifices. Anzaldua goes on to describe in detail her process of creating art, the process she
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Unformatted text preview: goes through to create a story. Her ritual involves “watching a movie,” if you will, in her head, and then translating this to words. She talks about how this unveiling of unconscious thoughts often is challenging for her because they are often repressed traumatic experiences. This uncovering of traumatic experiences previously lodged in the unconscious is very similar to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, which states that there are three levels of conscious and that traumatic events that would cause too much anxiety if the person was aware of them are stored away in the unconscious and can only be exposed through therapy, In a way, Anzaldua’s ritual of writing is therapy to her. Through writing alone she is able to expose these traumatic events. She says that reconstructing the traumatic images gives them meaning and through this process she can make sense of them. The writing heals her in the same way that therapy can heal someone....
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