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Morgan Vilhauer 1/6/08 “How to Tame a Wild Tongue” Borderlands/La Frontera Pp. 75-86 Entry #5 This reading focused on a series of ideas with a central theme of language. One of the main ideas in the reading was that America wants Chicanas to forget their language and that Chicanas are discouraged and looked down upon whenever they utilize any form of Spanish. Another idea presented in the text is that Chicano Spanish is a border language that has been shaped by a border culture. Chicano Spanish is neither Spanish nor English, but is instead a combination of the two. The text also addresses the development of Chicano writings, movies and music, and describes how the Anglos looked down on this type of expression, leaving many Chicanos feeling alienated or shameful for enjoying it. The text also distinguishes seven languages that many Chicanos speak and discusses the appropriate environment that each language would be used in. It details these languages and goes into specific characteristics of
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Unformatted text preview: Chicano Spanish. The fact that Chicanas are encouraged to abandon any form of Spanish for proper English is unethical. Chicano Spanish is part of Chicana identity and there is no reason that this identity should be stripped from anyone. Multiple examples were given in the text of how the author was encouraged within the American education system to forget her language. The examples ranged from elementary school to graduate school. To encourage this, especially in an institution run by the government, is completely unconstitutional. The first amendment protects U.S. citizens for such violations, yet they occurred frequently throughout the author’s education. This is just one of many examples of a contradiction between documentation that our country is fundamentally built upon and the actual actions that are carried out within the country....
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