Personality Ch 4,5,&6 - Chapter 4(pp.134-159 I Adler's...

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Chapter 4 (pp.134-159) I. Adler’s theory A. Individual psychology 1. Focused on 2. Denied the universality of B. Structure 1. ______________________ as the core of personality C. Process the source of human striving 1. Social emphasis 2. Social urges and conscious thoughts a. __________ feelings Begins in infancy o Dependent, hopeless o Could be related to _______________________ Motivating force à A function of ____________, not genetically determined Necessary experience ___________________ complex - pathological o Unable to compensate for o Poor opinion of themselves, feel helpless, unable to cope with the demands of life o Can arise from b. ________________________, perfection To cope with An effort to make ourselves complete or whole Ultimate goal toward which we strive Each individual’s goals are The way a person copes with inferiority feelings and strives to meet his/her goal = ______________ Increase _________, need great energy and effort (c.f., _________________ complex – pathological o Overcompensate o an exaggerated opinion of o “Feel inwardly self-satisfied and superior” OR “work to become extremely successful” o c. Forms in ______________: Wishes for power and control over others ______________: Assertiveness, competitiveness, cooperativeness D. Birth order – one of the determinants 1. Why birth order? a. Major _______________ in childhood b. Different c. Different 2. 1 st born: a. ___________________________________ Full attention of the parents until _______________ Suddenly no longer receiving constant ____________________________ Striking out in anger; parents striking out back Grow up to feel ______________________________________
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Subject to the power of their parents Advantages? o Play the role of o Mature intellectually o Become a 3. 2 nd born: a. ______________________________________ Never experience the __________________; no sense of dethronement Parents take a more relaxed approach to them 1st born as a _____________________________ Less beneficial outcomes o May feel he cannot o May become an 4. Youngest: a. __________________________________________ Never face the Become the pet of the family Driven to surpass Develop at a remarkably Less beneficial outcomes o Can be excessively o No o 5. Only child: a. __________________________________________ Never lose Remain the Have learned neither to share nor to compete Less beneficial outcomes o Difficulties 6. Research findings: II. Jung’s theory A. The system of personality –Structure 1. Ego a. The __________ mind, b. Control the _____________ 2. a.
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Personality Ch 4,5,&6 - Chapter 4(pp.134-159 I Adler's...

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