3.2 hw - 13 Red should be Color.Red 14 It should me txtBox.Text 15 17 lblTwo.Text = “E.T phone home.” 20 txtBox.ForeColor = Color.Blue

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Jessica Chan Prof. Poucher Class: CISY 1123, 9 AM Chapter 3.2 1. It says Hello 2. It says Hello with red letters. 4. It says Hello 7. It says Hello with green letters. 9. It says Hello with a gold background. 11. Form1.Text should be Me.Text 12. There should be quotes around Hello.
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Red should be Color.Red. 14. It should me txtBox.Text 15. 17. lblTwo.Text = “E.T. phone home.” 20. txtBox.ForeColor = Color.Blue txtBox.BackColor = Color.Gold txtBox.Text = “Life is like a box of chocolates.” 25. btnOutcome.Enabled = True 26....
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