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Islam - Islam islam[lowercase meaning the word…not...

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Islam 1/22/08 islam [lowercase meaning the word…not religion] comes from the root SLM related salaam meaning peace, related to muslim [one who submits to God] The word Islam is not used until later in the history of the religion Muhammad lived 570-632 CE. Hijri was when Muhammad went to Mecca in 622 CE History of submission to God goes back to the beginning of the world Territorial and conversion gains of Islam happened very quickly Basic beliefs: Oneness of God Prophecy [sent from God. Recipients, transmitters of God’s word. Would chastise wrong-doers in the community] Connection between God and humanity goes all the way back to Adam and Eve Humans must serve as deputies of God on Earth Five Pillars 1. Profession of Faith a. Oneness or unisity and exclusivity of God are the key theological supposition of Islam, fulcrum of entire belief. b. Muhammad is God’s messenger Islam in the Middle-East We mostly associate the ME with Islam and vice versa, Islam arises in Arabian peninsula, and rapidly rises throughout that area, even though there weren’t any communication networks or any cities, mostly through military campaignes Syria was captured as well as the Byzintines and the Persian Empire, then Egypt and North Africa and Spain in 711 Some Muslims moved East to China. There is only a Christian and Jewish minority left in the ME All countries in ME have large Muslim majority other than Israel and Lebanon Many questions in Muslim majority countries about how Islamic the laws should be. The ME is special because of the location of the Holy Places Islam in Africa Just before Hijri, some Muslims were exhiled to Ethiopia Then rapid expansion of Islam in Easrt and Northern Africa, and then more gradual growth into the interior from the sailors and trade. Both Islam and Christianity are still very strong in Africa leading to some regional fighting. AIDS epidemic in Islam because the religion does not condone condom use.
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Islam in America Many Muslims came to America from a variety of West African regions. Some slaves were educated in Arabic their homes before they were sold. 1835 Brazilian revolt in Arabic during Rammadan. Greatest slave revolt of the Americas Some Muslim practices survived during slavery. Nation of Islam founded in 1933 and began to flourish in the late 1940’s and later Malcom X became leader in the 1960’s. Malcom X used Islamic language to spur black empowerment. Vast majority of African American Muslims are Sunni, some are Shi’i and very little are still Nation of Islam. Islam in Asia Islam is primarily an Asian religion when looking at where the largest Muslim majorities are. Largest Muslim populations are found in Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. China’s population is between 20 and 40 million.
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Islam - Islam islam[lowercase meaning the word…not...

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