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HI 1312 - sell • Feared slave patrols • Some spent some...

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HI 1312 Final Study Guide Martin argues that the Civil War was experienced differently by northern, southern, and black children. Discuss those differences and the reasons for them. Northern Children Saw war as a “distant crisis” Experienced through newspapers and parades Saw glamorous images of war Still took an interest- tracked developments, showed reverence to wounded veterans Quieter Christmas- less celebrations Southern Children Shortages due to Union blockade Goods destroyed in warehouses near seaports Less availability of food Fewer luxuries No schooling for some since male teachers were at war Black Children Real starvation since there was little food to begin with Lack of clothing and shoes Fear of being kidnapped by strangers looking for slave children to steal and
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Unformatted text preview: sell • Feared slave patrols • Some spent some time in school by working in the morning and going to class in the afternoon Since Northern children were distanced from the war, they were not as directly impacted by it as Southern and Black children were. While Northern children experienced some discomfort, they generally still had enough food and supplies. The war affected Southern children much more since they had many shortages of food as well as other items. Southern children also saw a lot more of the war, rather than just the glorious aspect, since it was happening around them. Black children had a difficult time as well since they had even less food and also had to watch out for slave patrols. \...
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