Waltz - Waltz says"States in an anarchic order must provide for their own security What types of evidence might falsify Waltz's claim Kenneth Waltz

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Waltz says, “States in an anarchic order must provide for their own security.” What types of evidence might falsify Waltz’s claim? Kenneth Waltz argues that the natural state of the international stage is anarchy. Nation- states must therefore provide for, through many possible ways, their own security. There are, however, types of evidence that could falsify Waltz’s claim; for instance, it could be argued that nation-states are not the primary actors on the world stage, rather it is the intermingling of cultures that causes world events to unfold. The hypothetical existence of an overarching force that exists outside the traditional boundaries of states (such as a United Nations devoid of a security council, with an imposing army, and without the dominance of a few self-serving agendas) would also make Waltz’s ideas largely irrelevant. Finally, it is also possible that states are not motivated by security, but by a desire for wealth, power, or otherwise. The idea that nation-states are distinct, solitary actors on the world stage as well as the
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