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Study Questions for Asian Studies 302 Mid-term Examination•2/2008 Please find below the study questions for the mid-term examination, which will be held on 2/21. I will choose two questions from the list below for you to answer. The actual exam questions may be slightly different from the study questions; please read the exam questions carefully when they are distributed. You should keep in mind that exam questions differ from paper topics. With the latter, you have considerable latitude to redefine a question in order to argue your own thesis. With the former, you’re held responsible for answering the components of the question. Logic and supporting illustrations are important in both. The best way to prepare for a bluebook exam (please remember to bring one) is to outline. 1. "Confession" is a key concept that we confront in reading both Futon (The Quilt) and Tōson's Hakai (Broken Commandment). Discuss how the idea of "confession" applies to these two works. Where does the "confession" occur in these two texts? Why does the
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