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Declartion Paper - Being a citizen of Canada I have a...

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Being a citizen of Canada, I have a particular bias towards our parliamentary style of government, and feel that it represents the view of the majority of the people quite well. In our style of government, each section has a certain control over the other in the attempt to keep a balance of power. However, when it comes to making big time decisions, the final say eventually comes back to the people. In the current American democracy all final decisions seem to come down to one man, the President. Although the Senate, and Congress, deliberate an immense amount on what bills should be passed, the ultimate say comes down to the President’s veto power. If he does not like some aspect of the bill, he has the right to strike it down, and send it back for review without discussing it with the people. The framers gave the majority of power in decision making to one man in hopes that he would be inclined to do what he felt was best for the people. If the President does not consult with the people about decisions that will affect their lives, how does he know what they want? The framers were also concerned with a tyranny of the majority; a majority of people oppressing the minority through laws and bills that the minority would have no chance of defeating. Over the course of time there has been an evident shift in the balance of power, and in agreeing with Dahl I feel there should be changes made to regulate the power of the President. The first problem that can be seen is with the President’s veto power. When he decides what bill should be passed, there is really no avenue for people in opposition to have their opinions heard. The president will act in a way that he believes his supporters will accept. This could be considered a type of tyranny by majority because as Dahl puts it “It is not as if a president uses the veto only when a majority coalition threatens the inalienable rights of a minority”, just the thing the framers were
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trying to abolish. If a President is liberal he will only pass laws that further a liberal point of view, and if the President is conservative he will evidently do the same. For example, if the President is a supporter of big business, he will most likely pass bills that allow them to prosper, commonly at the expense of the little guy. What about the little family run store? Do they not matter anymore? Who is there to look out for their interests? The only type of government that I have been exposed to during my life time is,
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Declartion Paper - Being a citizen of Canada I have a...

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