oralpresentation150 - WR150 Art and Politics Oral...

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WR150 Art and Politics Oral Presentation Assignment What is the purpose of an oral presentation in a writing seminar? Oral presentations form an integral part of many careers, not least of all your experience as a student in higher education. Academics and researchers in all fields usually present portions of their works-in-progress at conferences, which provide them with the opportunity to incorporate thoughtful criticism from their peers before publishing final drafts. Artists, musicians, and scientists, too, often discuss their work before committees in order to win grants and other funding. In addition, successful job interviews require the ability to speak intelligently and confidently about one's ideas, abilities, and goals. Try to approach this assignment as an opportunity to practice your oral presentation skills in a relatively low-stress environment. Content: For this assignment, you will prepare a brief, 5-10 minute presentation on your final essay topic . Please include the following information in your talk (which you will
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oralpresentation150 - WR150 Art and Politics Oral...

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