Shortresearchessay - First(Shorter Research Essay(with...

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First (Shorter) Research Essay (with required revision) For your next assignment, the shorter research essay, you may write on any topic of your choice, as long as it relates to the topic of this course: art during the twentieth century and its links to society or politics. The following is a list of potential topics: - a given period within an arist's career ; ie: Dorothea Lange’s FSA photographs. - an artistic movement or genre ; ie: feminist art or protest art against the Vietnam war. In order to write a manageable paper, you'll likely need to scale this topic down and focus on certain characteristics of the movement, for example, the role of images of women’s bodies in feminist art. - a few (or even just one) works of art , and ways that several critics or the artist interpret these works (ie: an “entering the debate”-style essay). Or, you might choose to advance your own interpretation, using sources to bolster your ideas. However, if you wish to compare/contrast works by one or several artists, you must have a larger synthetic
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Shortresearchessay - First(Shorter Research Essay(with...

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