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Linguistics test - Morphology – order of letters ability...

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Linguistic competence – hidden knowledge of language (unseen potential to speak language, resides in your mind) Linguistic performance – the way that people produce and comprehend language (observable realization of that potential, revealed in your speech) Performance errors – made when you use language, such as being able to remember a word, mispronouncing something, or jumbling words in a sentence. Communication chain – information source, transmitter, signal, receiver, destination Noise – interference in the communication chain Types of Linguistic competence: Phonetics – study of minimal units that make up language: sounds of speech, how to explain differences in vowels, consonants, etc. for example Phonology – language specific knowledge about the distribution of speech sounds
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Unformatted text preview: Morphology – order of letters, ability to comprehend words you’ve never seen Syntax – how words combine to form phrases and sentences Semantics – interpreting meaning of sentences Pragmatics – ability to use context to interpret meaning Language only exists in the mind. Linguistic competence is stored in a: Lexicon – all the words you know, what functions they serve, how they are pronounced Mental grammar – rules of a language system Descriptive grammars – analyzing generalizations of descriptive observations Speech is primary and writing is secondary Prescriptive grammar – the socially embedded notion of “correct” or “proper” grammar, tells how to write or speak Diphthongs – complex vowels composed of a sequence of two different configurations...
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Linguistics test - Morphology – order of letters ability...

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