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Handout 1: Perspectives on the New World: James Smith and William Bradford Smith Bradford Style Exotic details, long sentences, plain style, sounds like the Bible many clauses, written to simple details, simple impress vocabulary , simple sentence structure Self-representation writes about himself in the third comes across as humble, person, sounds more objective compassionate, not much a leader, wants people to see self-glorification, when him as having authority, he is using the first person he courageous, shows himself to is usually talking about his be superior to Powhatan observations of the environment Purpose To create a commercial society, religious purposes, to create a place where people providence, proves they were can create their own fortunes “chosen” Providence/Luck Lucky for Smith that Pocahantas They are saved from sickness saved him, favored by God and and everyone who curses them himself, God saves him from is punished being killed Native Americans Refers to them as “savages” and Rules created seem to favor “devils” but portrays Pocahantas the colonists rather than the and Powhatan as individual natives, still views native characters, not stereotypical Americans as inferior Landscape Describe it as an Eden; Describes it as “wild and exaggerates, creates a place savage” and “desolate where there is plenty of “wilderness” as a challenge, everything versus Europe strong and negative descriptions which scarce Leadership Even though he manipulates humble, listened (not Powhatan, he negotiates to help dictatorial), emphasized the colony to survive, cuts out community idea of hierarchy and forces everyone to pull their own weight, bravery, organized
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Handout 2: Anne Bradstreet Fill in your comments under each heading, giving examples from the text. You will not necessarily have full comments for each section. 1. Write down any words or phrases in this poem that you found difficult. Record your group’s interpretation. 2. Note down a line or phrase that exemplifies the Puritan (plain) or classical style. 3. What images or ideas in the poem seemed to refer particularly to Bradstreet’s female/domestic experience? Her experience as a grandmother was probably more difficult in the colonies, than it would have been in Europe. Since there were also no undertakers, etc. She would have been in Europe. Since there were also no undertakers, etc., she would have probably been involved helping her daughter or daughter-in-law from birth to burial of her grandmother. 4. What images or ideas reflect her personal faith and her Puritan beliefs? “Is by his hand alone that guides nature and fate” -In Memory of my dear grandchild Elizabeth…ln 14 “Cropt by th’ Almighty hand; yet He is good. With dreadful awe before Him let’s be mute, such was His will, but why, let’s not dispute…” -On My Dear Grandchild Simon Bradstreet…” ln 5-13 She struggles with the fact that she is sad for the loss of her grandchildren, but feels she
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Lit Handouts - Handout 1 Perspectives on the New World...

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