Western Civ STUDY guide, Test I

Western Civ STUDY guide, Test I - Western Civ Study Guide...

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Western Civ. Study Guide September 19, 2007 John H. Speke Lived in 1800s Ambitious, educated, wanted to be an explorer Found source of water for world’s longest river, Where the Nile begins Egypt, 96% desert with Nile. (4,000 miles) Nile, Named large lake after queen Victoria Found dead while shooting birds. Napoleon – Italian French Military, General at 24 Wanted to Attack Britain, but English channel is in the way 1798, sails to Egypt and conquerors Goes to India and takes over Britain in India. Sails away from India leaving army Army surrenders Napoleon takes control of France Rosetta Stone is found in Delta Nile Very important inscriptions on it in 3 different languages Hieroglyphs Demotic Greek Jean F. Champollion Home Schooled, Wanted to be the first person to crack Hieroglyphs Took paper impressions of script Cracks Hieroglyphs after 20 years New Science is now Born Egyptology 3 Kingdoms in Egypt Old Middle New 30 Dynasties in 3 kingdoms Pharaoh – Translates to house in Egyptian. Pharaoh is a Living God King of Egypt Pharaohs are born into being kings Owns everything, makes all the rules Must make sure Maat is present Maat When everything is in balance If Maat does not exist, everything is bad
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When Pharaohs die, they must be buried properly Built Pyramids 20 years to build, made of limestone Over 60 Pyramids built in Old Kingdom Pyramids never worked, burglars would steal. Began Building underground tombs for Pharaohs Built in the middle of Egypt, the Valley of the Kings Underground tombs still didn’t work Thebes Living Capital City, Biggest City. Egyptians Believed in many Gods All Egyptians were polytheistic (Many Gods) Anthropomorphism – the assigning of human qualities to inanimate objects E.g. the sun has moods, it has a personality Egyptians believed that everyone has a soul 2 souls per person Gave names to their souls Ba/ka, the essence, persona of the should Ba/ka spirits cannot exist if they do not recognize the soul Must mummify the body so spirits know. Mummifying is essential, or else no maat. = chaos Osiris Greatly respected man in Egypt Became leader of Egypt Isis Wife of Osiris Set Brother of Osiris Intelligent, not happy as brother because he is not a respected leader like Osiris Jealous of Brother Set Throws party with all guys Everyone gets drunk, has a cedar chest to give to a guy to take to his wife Whoever fits in the chest can take it home Osiris fits perfectly in Chest, and Set nails Osiris in chest, and buries him Osiris wasn’t satisfied, so digs him up, and cuts him into 14 different parts and scatters body parts in all 14 regions of Egypt Isis mourns and weeps and collects all body parts Osiris comes back to life and has a son named Horus, and his responsibility is to seek
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Western Civ STUDY guide, Test I - Western Civ Study Guide...

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