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Immanuel Kant - Immanuel Kant Donald O'Rourke Philosophy...

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Immanuel Kant Donald O’Rourke Philosophy
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Immanuel Kant lived from 1724 to 1804, in the 18 th century. The 18 th century in Western Europe followed the 16 th century with the Religious revolution (reformation). It led to the establishment of non-Roman Catholic groups. Kant was a Lutheran. It also followed the creation of the Guttenberg press which made more rapid and economical dissemination of information (similar to the impact of the internet). Kant was a professor of Philosophy in Konigsberg (present day Russia). He passed his days of teaching complacently. One day he discovered a copy of David Hume’s Inquiry, and upon reading it, Kant reported that “It awakened him from his dogmatic slumber”. He realized that Hume’s powerful arguments undermined everything that he had believed at that point. He felt that no honest progress would be made in Philosophy until Hume’s skeptical arguments have been refuted. David Hume lived from 1711 to 1776. He was living in Scotland where more rapid exchange of ideas are taking place. Kant was living in Germany where the flows of ideas are more restricted than they are in Scotland. Another
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